RADIOS Message Technology and radios have been interested ever since small. I have given this topic a little background and insight into your own website, which can be found in this "OH5KUY" the link through. Decades of accumulated hobby has brought with it a wide range of experiences that the placing on the narrative will take time - and absolutely everything worth probably MUSIC From childhood According plucked music-making has left its mark will remain. A good hobby for enthusiasts to live with you to the top of life as alamäissäkin. "Accordion and Hat" website is a little bit more detail in a report on the background and functions of music. Hobbies Czech Radio has shared in this outdoor activities such as the adoption and use of CW (CW), the relations will be easier when you own some sort of sense of rhythm. BIRDS Nature and the birds have been a hobby for more than 30 years. It holds birdwatching in addition to a lot of confidence in the hobby activities in sector organizations locally and nationally. Hobbies with magazine became known as the editor of the work (the beginning of the Ornis Karelica 80s), a radio work (Nature News  "Saimaa waves" and numerous local radio nature stuff 80/90 century). Depth of the hobby came in 1985 - 2002 attending an Zoological Museum birdringing activity, as well as numerous bird observations  (Atlas-mapping, waterfowls, all kinds of bird fauna reports). bird trips within the meaning of numerous public also came from arranged in 80-90 centuries. Whitefish Bay, contingent and the Saimaa Canal to good bird sites, etc. At the moment this hobby, the time goes longer, mainly for bird watching along with other activities. BATS A nice added value for birdwatching give those mirrors leather wings, bats. A little scary, despite its reputation, these pilots are interesting night detectable. South-East Karelia is a pretty well ideal region for any kind of bat observations. Eg. The Lappeenranta area of active bat season lasts from mid-April to late September at all times. What could be more interesting than a summer evening listening to the nightingales to get sight even wildly predatory yard above the bottom of the bat. Bat sightings can read or even reporting directly to the bat observation site. A small word of warning is probably still in place: these ailerons can really easily get "hooked". It is not noticing when suddenly from the other truth is to observe the courtyard bats and looking for new bat groups etc., etc .. GEOCACHING 80s working as a summer job at the Kaukas mill, I got the spark of a local sports club (Kaukas LYLY) to take hobbies navigation. Maps and compass was already familiar birds in the line counts in respect of - the controls just missing. It was also a good time to brush up on the navigation skills before Ruotuväki go by. Orienteering was enough to actively 1985-1995, when it became available training opportunities mainly in the fitness ticking several nights a week. Best achievement in that period probably bring the stock in the golden years navigational marker army. 2000s with the active compass doorway was changed to a GPS device, and with it a new trend hobby: Geocaching. This versatile "orienteering hobby" must move it like any other form of exercise. Hobby will easily become more familiar with objects, which would otherwise be a collision at all. This hobby is easy to connect to many other pursuits. Sweat and heart rate are also available through the Elevation of the devout do if necessary. SCALE MODELS Scale models, that is, those traditional plastic "modular", have been part of the hobby world as well. However, those early "season" yields almost completely destroyed in the 80's. Now, in the early 2000s hobby has come again rytmiinsä and models have been constructed in it become a little slowly, at their own pace. Most of the projects are carried out related to World War II, the various stages of armored vehicles in time. The shelf is, of course, waiting for their turn related to the conquest of space models as well. Good and interesting hobby that gives and will therefore take a lot of enthusiasts. PHILATELY Philately is nothing more natural pursuits, if practiced DX listening. Hobby will be sent to a wealth of letter mail to the world, so your feedback is often consistent with it. All is not yet shifted to electronic media for use with the Internet. The Archives has accumulated thousands and thousands of postage stamps and first-day envelopes a few folders shelf meter. Hobbies Teen in particular has been left to mind those collected numerous devout tea early years of Russian brands (CCCP) and stimulated in many specialty publications. Even today, a collection accrues because the post office to remember always new FirstDayCovers. The remainder of the hobby has faded, because not produce a stamped letter / card rarely sees in your inbox. But after joining to Postcrossing, the amount of cards have increased rapidly. CHESS AND BAGGAMMON 80 century will take place in this game hobby active period. At the time, follows swiftly became actively Anatoly Karpov, and Bobby Fisher's antics in the world of chess. The active game in history was done mainly in military years, when a trainer was forced to reflect on the functioning of the strategies the chessboard. Even in the late 80's and early 90's became even been over there a chess "shrine", Russia, exploring the American site "game-miracles'. Memories of the years has been active mainly in the shelf a few meters in the field of literature (mainly in Russian), as well as a number of chess boards and computers. We'll see, wondering if still sometimes picks dig chessboard really up and rekindle old memories. Newer acquaintance from years ago, Baggammon, has offered new challenges once again be admired. Suitable for tactical variations along with chess figures. I recommend. PHOTOGRAPHY Photography has been included in the figures almost as long as that bird devout hardly fair, ie 30 years. During this time, there are papers, films and equipment frequently changed. Very important to recreation, this has never risen - has worked mainly in the so-called other hobbies. tukiharrasteena, but after all, it is nice to watch old clips and to design new ones. And not those spent hours in the darkroom school years have been wasted - knows a little more closely produce the traditional photo birth and technology. Now, digital technology, revolutionizing the description itself has become a deliberate, wondering if the film would give up gambling and that would update the Canon EOS 650 camera with accessories a little more recent digital version. Basic digital pocket camera has been in use for several years. Not to mention those cellphone cameras.


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