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Ari Riikonen OH5KUY OH5-202 (OI5R) (WRL1AR)  
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Welcome / Tervetuloa

Working QRP on digimodes.
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Hi....dear visitor, my name is Ari, on the radiofront I am called as OH5KUY with a nick name Ari. I am living in Lappeenranta -city; next to the Russian border and the beautiful lake district of Lake Saimaa. Lappeenranta is our official summer city in Finland, in fact. These pages presents some of my many activities / hobbies here. “Not a day without doing something interesting” I just renewed my wep pages, so these pages are still under construction and a lot of information will be updated and added during next weeks and months. Sorry, but some pages are in Finnish, but with the genious google traslator you may read them too, I hope ;-)
Seeking for exterestial live